Oh, Windows? We like it too
CleanMyMac X is only for Mac but here’s its Windows cousin, CleanMy® PC. It has made millions of PCs around the world speedier.
If yours is slow and often crashes, check CleanMy® PC out.
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A problem-free Mac. Always.

Be that user who never has an issue

Today’s Macs can stay in great shape for many years. But most will start fading after just a few months. That’s why the universe needs an app like CleanMyMac X.

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A cleaning hero that prevents typical Mac issues

Find and solve problems proactively
Clean and declutter your macOS
Protect Mac from latest malware

The reason most Macs will have issues at one point

Too many background apps generating files all the time. The more data your Mac accumulates, the faster things get out of control.

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New Mac
Ok Mac
An overheating monster

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Try CleanMyMac X
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Don’t let your Mac get slow and lazy

Run CleanMyMac X for regular health maintenance

Run maintenance scripts
Monitor performance in real-time
Speed up launch services
Free up RAM
Find large hidden files on your Mac
Switch off background apps

It fixes things before they happen

Did you know:

👉An average CleanMyMac user removes
4 malware threats per year.

Personalized Mac care tips based on how you use your Mac

It’s the first app people install on their Macs

I’ve been using it for years. It scans your storage and reveals tons of hidden junk. And what’s more important, it doesn’t touch essential system files.

Brian Tong
Former CNET

Finally a Mac-cleaning app that doesn’t suck!

Bob LeVitus
MacObserver, author of “Mac for Dummies”

And you can delete megatons of junk

Did you know:

👉An average CleanMyMac X user deletes 66 GB of junk.

See it in action on your Mac

CleanMyMac X is the toolbox your Mac needs.

Forbes, Editor’s pick 2020
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